57 Smart Reasons to Travel With Your Pet (Dogs, Cats and More!)


When you’re going to a new and exciting place, you may feel as though you have to leave someone important behind: your pet.

While the idea of traveling without your furry companion may undoubtedly put a damper on your travel plans, it doesn’t have to be this way.

In today’s world, it’s easier than ever to travel with your pet, even if you're taking a plane.

Whether you have a dog, cat, rabbit, bird, ferret, hamster, or reptile, chances are you can bring him or her along for the ride!

That being said, you might be wondering if it's a good idea to bring Fido on that family vacay. It may seem like a hassle or it may but your pet iguana through a lot of unnecessary stress.

Good news!

It is a good idea, for lots of reasons. In fact, there are countless reasons to bring your little sidekick along with you on your travels.

So if you're wondering whether to take your cat to Casablanca or your parakeet to Palm Springs, wonder no more.

Before you know it, you’ll be packing a separate suitcase for Whiskers to join you on all of your future travels!

Here are 57 awesome reasons to travel with your pet!

  1. 1
    They make great companions
  2. 2
    They relieve stress and anxiety
  3. 3
    It eliminates the need to arrange for pet care 
  4. 4
    Pets help you meet new people on your trip - who doesn’t love new friends?
  5. 5
    They encourage you to be active throughout your travels
  6. 6
    They prevent homesickness
  7. 7
    Traveling helps to socialize your pet
  8. 8
    They bring a sense of security 
  9. 9
    They bring a “solo trip” to the next level 
  10. 10
    They can help you connect with locals
  11. 11
    You don’t have to worry about them while you’re away
  12. 12
    They might even help you get a date!
  13. 13
    They don’t have to miss you while you’re gone - pets have feelings, too!
  14. 14
    You’ll always have someone to talk to - and they’re great listeners!
  15. 15
    You can take some pretty epic pictures for your pet’s Instagram account (or your own)
  16. 16
    Pets can ease flying fears
  17. 17
    Pets can’t talk back…
  18. 18
    ...and they also won’t boss you around. Even with a pet companion, you’ll be the boss of your trip!
  19. 19
    Your pets can make their own friends on your travels
  20. 20
    You won’t have to eat alone - table for two, please!
  21. 21
    Many historical monuments allow (small) pets as visitors
  22. 22
    Sharing your travels with your pets may mean sharing some of your passions with them
  23. 23
    Traveling with your pet can help train them and improve their behavior
  24. 24
    Many pets can sniff out delicious food and help you decide where to eat
  25. 25
    Your pet will force you to slow down and savor every moment of your trip
  26. 26
    You’ll discover new things to do on your trip as you search for pet-friendly activities
  27. 27
    Pets act as built-in entertainment
  28. 28
    They’re a companion you don’t have to share the hotel bathroom with!
  29. 29
    Pets won’t complain about the pace you set - you can choose how you navigate your trip!
  30. 30
    Travel helps your pet to get used to and love their crate or container
  31. 31
    It will help you and your pet gain mutual trust
  32. 32
    It expands your pet’s world from what they see each and every day
  33. 33
    Pets need - and deserve - vacations just like we do!
  34. 34
    You’ll never get sick of your pet - you’re used to their constant presence, anyways
  35. 35
    They don’t mind taking breaks - you can leave them in your room from time to time throughout the travel
  36. 36
    It helps keep you accountable to keeping your pets vaccinations up to date
  37. 37
    It makes your pets better at walking on a leash (if they’re a four-legged friend!)
  38. 38
    It helps pets become comfortable with multiple methods of transportation - planes, trains, and automobiles! 
  39. 39
    Traveling with pets helps them become accustomed to changing environments
  40. 40
    Pets can act as added security in a hotel room - you’ll have your watch dog with you
  41. 41
    Pets act as a conversation starter with new people
  42. 42
    Your pet can help you find common ground with strangers 
  43. 43
    Traveling keeps your pets healthy by encouraging them to exercise 
  44. 44
    You and your pet will learn what supplies they truly need and will be able to get rid of items at home that don’t go missed during your travels
  45. 45
    Pets encourage you to enjoy the little things and to take in every moment
  46. 46
    You’ll likely be amongst other pet lovers as you’ll choose pet-friendly hotels
  47. 47
    You won’t have to worry about your pet experiencing separation anxiety while you’re gone
  48. 48
    You won’t have to pay for a pet-sitter or kennel visit 
  49. 49
    The experience will allow you to be more in-tune with your pet’s feelings and needs
  50. 50
    They’ll make you “go with the flow” more on your trip
  51. 51
    You’ll become a more well-rounded traveler!
  52. 52
    Pets are usually willing to share a snack with you
  53. 53
    Your pet will likely meet other pets along the way, getting to know and be more comfortable around other animals
  54. 54
    Staying on your pet’s schedule may help you overcome jet lag
  55. 55
    They act as an “instant icebreaker” when it comes to meeting new people
  56. 56
    You’ll create unforgettable new memories with your pet that you’ll treasure forever
  57. 57
    It prevents you from having to leave a family member behind!

As we mentioned above, pets deserve vacations just like we do!

They’re sure to enjoy a trip with their best friend, so bring them along for the ride and you’ll learn to love having them as a travel companion and watching their world expand.

As your trip progresses, your bond with your pet is sure to grow and you’ll likely end up wondering why you haven’t brought them along on all of your previous trips.