How Do You Travel With a Parakeet? Unique Tips for Traveling by Car and Plane

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Every pet owner feels that pit in their stomach when they need to leave their pet.

Whether it’s for a few hours, a few days, or an extended period of time, it can be heartbreaking to leave your tried and true companion, and it can also be costly and a hassle to arrange for pet care while you’re on a trip.

Good news!

There’s an easy way to avoid all of these unpleasantries the next time you leave town: simply bring your pet along with you!

Even your parakeet can come with you, and we’re breaking down exactly how to travel with yours below.

Traveling with your parakeet by car

If you're looking to take your parakeet with you by car, he or she   should travel in a small travel cage that is equipped with a handle, making it easy to transport.

Be sure to secure the cage in the back of the car with the seatbelt. This will prevent your parakeet and its cage from moving around when you're on the road.

Failure to secure the carrier could be extremely dangerous for your bird and yourself, as a loose bird is very distracting in a moving vehicle. 

Additionally, you’ll want to put your parakeet in your backseat rather than the front.

While it may be tempting to have her travel next to you, this could be dangerous in the event of an accident.

Should your airbag be deployed, it could potentially kill your bird.

During the trip, make sure your parakeet has enough water, filling her dish only partly to avoid spills but still ensuring she arrives at your final destination fully hydrated. 

To avoid motion sickness in your bird, break up a longer trip into segments with a view to acclimating her to the sounds and movement of the vehicle. 

Also, be sure not to feed your parakeet too close to travel time as this could cause an upset stomach once you hit the road.

Traveling with your parakeet by plane

Your parakeet can also travel on airplanes as a wide range of airlines allow birds, either in the passenger cabin or baggage hold.  

If you're going to be flying, be sure to plan ahead, as most airlines do require notice that you’ll be bringing a pet on board due to restrictions regarding how many animals can travel on each flight.

Having your pet bird in the cabin with you is the most comfortable and safety way for her to travel via air, so look for an airlines that  offer such an option.

What you'll need

If you're going to bring your parakeet on the plane, you’ll need an airline approved bird carrier that complies with the specific requirements established by each company.

Most require that the carrier be a certain size and have hard plastic sides. The carrier will also likely need to be labeled in a particular manner.  

For a successful flight with your parakeet, equip the carrier with a perch at a comfortable height.

how do you travel with a parakeet

Also, provide your parakeet with fruits and vegetables with a high water content to munch on during the trip. This can be anything from watermelon or cucumbers to green peppers. These will keep your bird satiated and hydrated during your travels.

Traveling with your parakeet does not need to be a stressful experience.

In fact, as long as you take the right steps to keep your parakeet healthy, safe, and happy during your travels, your journey will be fun, not to mention piece of cake!

Use our tips and instructions to bring your parakeet along on all of your adventures, and she'll never have to be left behind again when you hit the road or fly the friendly skies.