Can Dogs Eat Mango Fruit?

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Can dogs eat mango fruit

In an attempt to discover whether or not dogs can eat mango, we consulted a number of sources to bring you the definitive answer.

American Kennel Club

According to the AKC, while dogs should mostly eat meat, they coincidentally enjoy fruit, as well. The AKC also offers a comparison—wolves apparently eat fruit as it provides helpful nutrients. The answer to, ‘can dogs eat mango’ is, yes! It is nutritious for dogs just as it is nutritious for wolves (and humans). Mangoes have high fiber in addition to vitamins A, B6, C, and D, all of which benefits a dog’s health.

The AKC is careful to point out that a mango must be peeled and the pit removed before feeding it to a dog.  This is because the pit of a mango can cause a dog to choke. What's more, it contains small amounts of cyanide!

While it is safe to feed a dog mango—and the dog will most likely enjoy the sweetness of the fruit—too much mango at once will cause digestive problems for your pet. A warning to the dog owner: only feed your pet mango in small amounts. Dogster seconds this warning.

Citizen Canine

Interestingly enough, while the AKC recommends against feeding your dog mango skin because it is difficult to chew, Citizen Canine claims that is it quite all right!


UltimateHomeLife, besides advertising the mango as one of the most delicious and nutritious fruits on Earth, points out the importance of washing a mango before feeding it to your dog.  Mangoes purchased from markets may have chemicals, pesticides, or insecticides that are not healthy for man's best friend.

It's also worth noting that, according to this resource, the only edible part of a mango for a dog is the flesh. Whereas mango leaves have benefits for human consumption, mango leaves will actually cause illnesses in dogs. The site also takes on the noble task of educating the reader about what to do if a dog is choking on a mango seed, which of course consists of contacting a veterinarian immediately!

The Happy Puppy Site

The Happy Puppy Site purports that a tablespoon of mango every week or two is healthy for your dog implying, once again, that moderation is important. Moreover, the vitamin A in the mango can improve your dog’s immune health and vision, and the effect is more pronounced for growing pups.

With regards to dried mango, dogs can eat it, but owners should keep in mind that dried mango has often had sugar added to it, which is not healthy for dogs. Given all of the above, it's also possible that a given dog may harbor allergies to mango, or any fruit for that matter.

In general, if you are not sure about your dog’s threshold, start off with very small amounts of mango and see how your dog responds!

Image credit: Dirlei Dionisio