Best Dog Stroller for Hiking

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Best dog stroller for hiking

Your dog’s life is too short to stay at home while you hit the trail. Bring your pup along with the best dog stroller for hiking. The four runners-up we covered in this article are also stellar strollers.

Whether your dog is small, medium, or large, we’ve found the perfect strollers to get those tails-a-waggin’.

Our Top Pick
Best dog stroller for hiking

Best Choice Products 
Dog Bike Trailer Jogger

As long as your dog is under 66 lbs, look no further than this beauty. It has the lowest price out of the five strollers we reviewed and also has the best designed. It can handle all types of terrain at any running pace.

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Benefits of hiking with a dog stroller

Saves your dogs joints for the fun stuff

Arthritis and illness shouldn’t stop your aging pup from seizing the day. Your dog’s quality of life revolves around the time he spends with you, and being able to join you on your adventures is the best gift you can give him.

I’ve been on hikes with older dogs in the past, and we always cross our fingers on the way back down that their joints and paws will hold up.

If you have a large breed dog, those fingers get crossed extra tight. Nobody wants to spontaneously acquire an 80 lb. living backpack when they’re already tired.

The real benefit of a stroller, though, is how much fun your dog can have once you reach your destination. With a stroller, he can go the distance and still have life left in his legs to romp and play.

You'll have storage to carry a few luxuries

All of the strollers that we feature have extra space for storage. What you would otherwise throw in your backpack you can put in your stroller, plus you have a little bonus room for things like a dog bowl and extra water.

You can take small dogs to big places

While big arthritic dogs need help up the trail because their legs are sore, tiny dogs need a stroller boost because their legs are too short.

How many Dachshund steps equal one human stride? We’d have to count to know precisely, but it’s safe to say that tiny dogs have to work harder to go the distance.

A stroller allows your dog to keep up and conserve her energy for chasing squirrels.

What to look for in a dog stroller for hiking

The two main factors to consider when choosing a stroller are the size of your dog and whether or not you plan on running with it.

If you’re a runner, then big’ol rear wheels are a must. Large rear wheels are a huge help on rough terrain.

Walkers and hikers traveling over mostly smooth ground will be content with smaller-wheeled models.


Your dog needs to comfortably fit in the stroller, and the stroller needs to fit comfortably on the trail. If you travel on narrow trails, make it easy on yourself and avoid wider model strollers.

Weight restrictions

Our “Top Pick” stroller has a 66 lb. weight limit, and our highest capacity stroller can hold up to 110 lbs. of pure canine.

How beefy are the wheels?

If you’ve ever run with a stroller before, you know that you spend a lot of time popping wheelies, especially when the terrain gets choppy. You don’t want to run full steam ahead into a rock with the front wheel down.

Big back wheels carve through rough ground like butter. Smaller-wheeled strollers can still get the job done, but you’ll find yourself having to slow down more often.

Additional features

Some strollers have unique storage options; others double as bicycle trailers. All of the strollers here collapse for easy transport.

Let's take a closer look at the top five dog strollers for hiking.

Best Choice Products 2-in-1 Dog Bike Trailer Jogger

Best dog stroller for hiking

- Comes with bug screen and weather-resistant canopy

- Has hand-lock brake system when 
not in motion

- Lightweight, durable and sturdy

- Fantastic engineering

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You probably won’t be hitting any jumps while toting around your arthritic dog, but with this bicycle-trailer-stroller from Best Choice, you can if you want to.

Its giant rear wheels tame tough terrain, and it’s narrow enough to squeeze onto tight trails.

Plus, it’s dirt cheap, with sturdy construction and quality parts. Are you dreaming, or have you died and gone to dog stroller heaven?


The manufacturer sets the weight limit at 66 lbs. According to one customer review, the stroller was the perfect size for her 55 lb. arthritic pit bull. The stroller itself weighs 37 lbs.


The length and height of strollers don’t impact your user experience much, so long as your dog fits inside.

The width is what matters most when you’re trying to fit through doors and squeeze past people on the trail. This Best Choice stroller is only 24” wide.

That’ll fit on any trail that you would ever dream to bring a stroller on, and can pass through any doorway.


This compact foldable stroller doubles as a bicycle trailer so your pooch will never get left behind.

Its compact design and durable steel construction can take a beating without missing a beat. The front wheel swivels freely, making turning a breeze. The top covering is a weather-resistant canopy that doubles as a bug screen.

Time for a rest? Just pop the easy-access hand-lock brake. Want to convert it into a bike trailer? No tools necessary.

Check out the Best Choice Products 2-in-1 Dog Bike Trailer Jogger

DoggyRide Novel Dog Stroller

Best dog stroller for hiking

- Extremely lightweight frame

- Luxurious, multi-functional solution
for hiking with your dog

- Front padded headrest for your dog

- Extra visibility due to reflective striping

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The DoggyRide Novel Stroller is the Cadillac of dog strollers. It’s big-bodied for your plus-sized furball, with a smooth ride that only a larger stroller can offer. 

Just like our top pick from Best Choice, this stroller doubles as a bicycle trailer.

The construction and design are ultra lightweight, especially considering how large it is. This premium quality stroller is your big dog’s ticket to the trailhead.


This model is ideal for aging larger dogs, with a maximum weight capacity of 110 lbs. The stroller itself weighs only 30 lbs. thanks to its aluminum alloy frame. That’s a whole 7 lbs. lighter than Best Choice but with nearly double the carrying capacity!


The DoggyRide is 30.5” wide, making it narrow enough to fit through most standard doorways and small enough for the trail. Your border collie, golden retriever, or labrador will be strolling like a king.


When it comes to add-ons and extras, the DoggyRide is pure luxury. Its wheels are quick-release for easy storage. If your dog is injured or ill, he will appreciate the front padded headrest. The company also offers a padded floor insert for an even cushier ride. You’ll be spoiled too with all the extra storage space and a convenient water bottle holder.

Check out the DoggyRide Novel Dog Stroller

Pet Gear No-Zip Jogger Pet Stroller

Best dog stroller for hiking

- Fixed and swivel front wheel, ideal
for jogging

- Zipperless design makes it easy to use

- Elevated paw rest with panoramic view for
your doggy

- Stroller glides, thanks to Air Ride tires

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The Pet Gear Jogger is, as the name suggests, an excellent option for pet owners who want to jog with their dog. They don't have the over-sized rear wheels that I value so dearly, but its overall wheel size is large enough to handle bumpy ground.

Its “air ride” feature makes the ride pillowy soft for dogs with tender joints. The Pet Gear Jogger is the best option for taking older or injured dogs on light-to-medium terrain.


The stroller is only 27 lbs. and can accommodate up to a 70 lb. dog.


It’s compact, collapsible design is only 13.5” wide, and has 12.5” of usable space for your dog inside.


Two features set the Pet Gear Jogger apart from the competition.

Number one is its Air Ride tires. They’re designed to keep the ride cushy for your sensitive pup. The front wheel can be locked in place to keep it from swiveling at high speeds.

Number two is the no-zip canopy construction. They’ve done away with zippers for easier access.

It also comes with a portable air pump for the tires and has plenty of external storage compartments for all your gear.

Check out the Pet Gear No-Zip Jogger Stroller on Amazon

Pet Gear No-Zip AT3 Pet Stroller

Best dog stroller for hiking

- 12 in. Air Ride tires make for a
very smooth ride

- Large storage basket and parent tray

- No zippers, no hassle

- Great value for money

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Looks like a walker, smells like a walker, yep, it’s a walker. This is the walk-centric version of the Pet Gear Jogger we covered in the last section. All the same features here, the only difference is the tires, which are lighter duty and less forgiving on uneven ground.

This stroller is suitable for walking on light-to-medium grade trails but will be too jarring for your pup on very rough terrain.


The Pet Gear AT3 weighs 28 lbs and has a max capacity of 60 lbs.


12.5” wide on the outside, 11.5” of usable interior space, making it one inch narrower than the Pet Gear Jogger.


The NO-ZIP canopy allows for quick and easy access to your dog. Bye-bye pinched zippers!

The ankle-level storage basket securely fits plenty of gear, not to mention that there are water bottle holders conveniently located by the handlebar.

Check out the Pet Gear No-Zip AT3 Stroller

HPZ Pet Rover Premium

Best dog stroller for hiking

- Folds up in seconds, with 1 hand

- Size of internal compartment can be
changed, to accommodate various pets

- Extra-thick, heavy-duty lightweight frame

- Top-of-the-line human-grade
suspension system

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The HPZ is ideal for taking your small dog on walks over light terrain. The four-wheel design makes it a rough ride at faster speeds, so we recommend this product for walking only.

The customers who end up loving this stroller have bulldogs and other small dogs. It’s a great stroller as long as you just plan on using it for more casual outings.


This stroller weighs in at only 20 lbs. The manufacturer doesn’t advertise a max weight limit, but the dimensions of the stroller are such that only small dogs will comfortably fit.


The HPZ is compact! Only 22” wide.


Its weather-proof breathable mesh canopy is also UV-reflective to keep your pooch protected from the elements.

You won’t be wondering where to put your gear with all the extra storage, and your dog will love the extra padding in the pet compartment that’s made of high-density Oxford 1600D polyester fabric.

Check out the HPZ Pet Rover Premium Stroller

When you have an older dog or one that’s too tiny to keep up with you on the trail, the right dog stroller can allow your furry friend to tag along.

We recommend the trailer-jogger hybrid from Best Choice Products as our top pick. It can dominate rugged trails and everything in between, all at an impressively low price.

The DoggyRide Novel dog stroller is luxury for large dogs, and Pet Gear has excellent options for smaller dogs who are trying join in on the fun.

Check out the HPZ from Pet Rover if you have a small breed and prefer laid-back hikes.

Now it’s time to get out there and let your dog feel the wind in his fur!