Best Cat Trees for Multiple Cats


Best cat trees for multiple cats

Finding the best cat tree for multiple cats is not an easy task. With that in mind, we rolled up our sleeves and did plenty of research with a view to bringing you five excellent options.

Cat owners want their feline friends to have fun learning and playing while also enjoying the benefits of exercise.

But perhaps your biggest motivator in exploring the best cat trees for multiple cats is to protect your precious furniture from the damage that can be caused by an under-stimulated cat. Every minute that your cat spends playing or snoozing in his cat tree is a minute that he’s not using your home as a scratching post.

Therefore, the best tree for your cats will be the one they spend the most time in.

We’ve taken the time to review five of your best options so that you can make an educated choice as to which product your cats will find the most fun and stimulating.

Each of these products has received rave reviews from its users, and your choice should ultimately be based on the personality of your cats and what really makes them tick.

Our Top Pick
Best cat trees for multiple cats

Go Pet Club Cat Tree – 72”

The large base provides excellent stability
for even the most rambunctious cats, and
it contains two kitty condos, large enough
for big cats. This is also slightly taller than
the other trees and has more perches. 

Check it out on Amazon

What to look for in a cat tree house

No one cat tree is the right choice for all cat owners.

If you’re looking for verification about whether you’ve chosen the right tree house for your home, you simply need to look at the amount of time your cats are spending in it.

Knowing the personality of your cats and what motivates them is the most important part of selecting the right product.

You should also consider the number of cats in your household and their sizes. Will their size and energy requirements mandate a need to purchase the sturdiest unit?

What about the sizes of the condos? Will they provide a good fit, or will your cat be cramped for space or feeling like she is in a cave?

Will your kitty enjoy a good snooze in a hammock or will that feature simply end up being a stepping stone to more interesting activities above it?

Are there enough platform levels on your tree and are they large enough to safely secure your snoozing pets?

Are the posts covered with natural sisal to encourage clawing and scratching, and are there enough sisal posts to prevent your cats from coming up with other scratching ideas?

Do you like the appearance of the unit and will it fit in with your home’s décor?

Is the product easy to assemble and does it come with the tools you’ll need to put it together?

In a nutshell, your cats will be happier and more well-adjusted when they own a tree that encourages frequent and long-lasting visits.

A good tree satisfies their needs to exercise, play, scratch, climb, hide out, and rest. The product that you choose will go a long way toward promoting a relaxed home atmosphere and protecting your expensive furniture.

Tiger Tough Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Tree House

Best cat trees for multiple cats

- Simple assembly and easy to clean

- Flexible spring wand allows for
interactive play

- Cat-IQ Busy Box keeps kitties engaged

- Extremely durable and sturdy

- Great value for money

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This quality product will provide your cat with countless hours of healthy exercise and mental stimulation.

When your kitties aren't relaxing in either of its two separately enclosed cat condos, they can be on the bottom level, clawing at the dangling mouse toy or on the upper levels actively engaging with the Cat-IQ Busy Box or Spring-y Ball Toy.

The fabric-covered shelves and the cat condos come in different shapes and sizes to keep things interesting for your feline. Several tall columns keep the cat tree house secure and the unit is anchored by the large and sturdy bottom base.

Your cat’s need to scratch will be satisfied via sisal, rope-covered scratching posts and she will easily move level to level with the assistance of the high-traction cat ladder.

The “Tiger” will not bust your budget by any means and it gets very high rankings from cat-lovers due to its durability and ingenuity. We love the uniqueness of the Cat-IQ Busy Box, which is made from compressed pine and comes with two jingle balls to keep your feline friends engaged for hours.

The unit can be assembled in just minutes and it’s extremely easy to maintain by vacuuming and wiping with a damp cloth.

This product measures in at 19.7W” x 19.7W” x 69.5H” and comes in two colors – cream and grey.

Check out the Tiger Touch Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Tree House on Amazon

Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo

Best cat trees for multiple cats

- Durable, safe and easy to assemble

- Cats love it

- Extremely well made

- Very affordable 

- Replacement parts available from the 
manufacturer at any time

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This unit’s perfect for climbing, scratching, and other types of exercise, while also providing a great environment for relaxing inside the cat house or in the lower-floor hammock. 

Made from attractive pressed wood with faux-fur covering, this product is easy on the eyes and is constructed like a fine piece of furniture. The foundation and base are extremely sturdy, highlighting the unit’s pet-centric and pet-friendly environment.

A great balance between functionality and appearance, this unit will easily blend into your home’s décor.

Even the most determined and energetic cats are firmly supported. Sisal posts are ideal for satisfying your cat’s need to claw and scratch. While it’s not the least expensive product of its kind, we feel that it still offers excellent value due to its superior customer satisfaction ratings and its extreme durability. A recurring theme with this product is that it exceeds user expectations. 

It’s also very easy to assemble and comes with a detailed instruction manual, hammock and all necessary tools. The hammock can also be used for sleeping or for storing your cat’s toys or other belongings.

This cat tree is beige in color and its dimensions are 53”L X 22”W x 72”H.

Check out the Armarkat Cat Tree Condo on Amazon

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture – 62”

Best cat trees for multiple cats

- Great bang for your buck

- A Best Seller on Amazon

- Durable and built to last

- Easy to put together

- Lots of sisal rope for your cats to enjoy

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With three tiers to climb on and many places to hide and and play, your cat will never be bored.

In terms of customer satisfaction, this product certainly rings the bell due to its extremely high ratings.

Most cats seem to be infatuated by the handsome basket that sits between the second and third levels, making it a favorite place for naps. They’ll also love playing with the toy rope which hangs down from the third tier.

The condo is a little small (10.5 dia. X 12.5 H) for larger cats, but is a perfect hiding place/resting spot for small and medium cats.

The top perch features a tube-like enclosure which replicates a crow’s nest design.

The unit is made of compressed wood and uses faux fur as a covering material. Posts are covered by natural, sisal rope to encourage your cat’s natural need to claw and scratch.

When put together properly, the base is very solid and the unit wobbles very little. Assembly is easy and comes with complete step-by-step instructions and all tools needed.

While most features of this unit may adequately fit a large cat, we feel that it is more ideally suited for small- or medium-sized cats.

This product sizes up at 38” W x 27”L x 62” H and weighs 43.1 pounds.

Check out the 62-Inch Go Pet Club Cat Tree on Amazon

Go Pet Club Cat Tree – 72”

Best cat trees for multiple cats

- More than enough room for multiple cats
to play

- Very durable and well-made

- Cleverly engineered to strengthen and
support itself

- In general, cats love it

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If there’s any cat tree that will encourage your feline friends to leave your expensive furniture alone, this is probably it!

Condo #1 (20”W x 15”L x 11.5H) and Condo #2 (15”W x 12”L x 10”H) are both so spacious, you may be tempted to charge your kitties rent. Two stairways, one at the base and the other at the second level, lead to both condo living quarters.

This unit stands 72” tall with three high perches, which provide the ideal landings for your cats to bask in the sun or to prove that they are the kings (or queens) of their castle!

With 10 posts (covered in natural sisal rope) to climb, your cats will scratch to their hearts’ content.

The unit is constructed of compressed wood and the covering material is made of faux fur.

With its competitive price and sky-high customer ratings, this product gives you plenty of bang for your buck.

Two toy mice dangle teasingly from the upper levels to help keep your cat busy and stimulate her natural hunting instincts.

The sturdy baseboard (28”W x 24”L) helps to support the unit and the quality construction of the materials greatly reduces the chance of tipping.

Assembly is made easy with step-by-step instructions and tools included. Overall product dimensions are 50”W x 26L x 72”H, and the unit weighs in at a solid 68 pounds.

Check out the 72-Inch Go Pet Club Cat Tree on Amazon

SONGMICS Cat Tree Condo

Best cat trees for multiple cats

- Sturdy, thanks to the CARB-certified base

- House and hammock can accommodate large

- Lots of elements to keep your cats 

- Material is nice and soft

- Comes with a strap to secure it to the wall

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Your cats will love the multi-level design which will encourage them to jump, romp, climb, and exercise safely.

Your pet’s instinctive need to scratch – and your instinctive need to protect expensive furniture - will be satisfied with the natural sisal-covered posts and climbing pad.

A plush ball with an enclosed bell dangles from each of the top two perches, providing unlimited playing and clawing opportunities. 

We give very high marks for the design of the soft plush fabric perches, which make naptime irresistible.

In addition, each perch is surrounded by four edges which prevent your pet from sliding off while sleeping.

The large plush fabric condo is equally as inviting, and is the perfect size for both large and small cats.

As an added safety measure, this product includes a strap which screws into the wall for even better stabilization.

The base is large at 24” wide x 20” deep, and displays a paw-print design which adds a stylish flair.

The plush fabric hammock is really big (15-3/4”L x 19-1/4”W) and comfortable and seems to be far more functional than most competitors’ offerings.

This product received super-high ratings from nearly all of its customers.

Installation is quick and easy. The size of the unit is 25-5/8”L x 27-1/2”W x 55-1/8”H and weighs in at 42 pounds. 

Check out the SONGMICS Cat Tree Condo on Amazon

After reviewing the best cat trees for multiple cats, we trust that you'll have found the perfect tree for your pets. 

As you already know, every cat is different, so choose the model which best aligns with your kitty's temperament and personality. 

At the end of the day what matters most is that they're comfortable in their tree, they get plenty of exercise and stimulation, and they leave your nice furniture alone.

Image credit: Gsloan

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