Best Cat Food for Bladder Stones


Best cat food for bladder stones

The best cat food for bladder stones destroys the pesky mineral deposits that cause them. That’s great news for cat owners and kitties alike.

Nobody wants to see their beloved pet suffer, and feeding them the right diet is your best weapon against returning stones. Bladder stones quiver in fear at the site of our “TOP PICK” for bladder-friendly cat food.

Our Top Pick
Best cat food for bladder stones

Royal Canin Feline Urinary SO
Canned Cat Food

Cats love the taste more, and Royal Canin
uses the highest quality ingredients.
Eliminate bladder stones for good by
serving your cat a high-quality,
expertly designed wet food like this one.

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Cats with bladder stones will be all over the place with their urination habits. If your fuzzy friend is straining to urinate, urinating outside of the litter box, has discolored urine, has to pee a lot but not much comes out, or is spending all day licking licking his genitals, these are all signs that bladder stones are afoot. Head to the vet immediately.

Male cats are especially at risk of dying from toxicity because their ureter is more likely to become blocked. In the words of Dr. Jennifer Coates “This is a life-threatening emergency that needs to be dealt with immediately; in other words, not when your regular vet opens in the morning.”


When you do make it to the vet, they’ll have an arsenal of tests ready to help diagnose your loved one. A urinalysis may be conducted to identify any mineral imbalances in your cat’s pee, and x-rays and ultrasounds can be employed to get a visual on the stones.


A urinary tract-friendly wet cat food will be your cat’s best friend when she’s trying to recover from a bout with the evil stones. Bladder stones are more easily broken up and passed when your cat is properly hydrated.

A wet cat food that’s engineered to treat the stones will hydrate kitty while supplying the right combination of vitamins and minerals. Supplementing with dry cat food that’s low in magnesium, phosphorous and calcium will also help to pass the stones and prevent their return.

Make sure to get a urinalysis done to determine what type of minerals the bladder stones are made of. Stones made from struvite deposits account for half of the cases and are the easiest to treat nutritionally. They can be dissolved with a diet that’s low in phosphorous and magnesium.

Half of the cases are due to stones formed from calcium oxalate. These are best treated with a low calcium diet. There’s also a small percentage of cases that improve with a low protein diet.

If the stones can’t be broken apart and dissolved through diet, they’ll have to be surgically removed or blasted apart with ultrasonic shock waves.

Keep reading for the scoop on your best bets for restoring your beloved cat's health. 

Hill’s Prescription Diet Urinary Care

Best cat food for bladder stones

- Contains ingredients which block
development of bladder stones and crystals

- Helps lower the recurrence of common
urinary signs by 89%

- Helps manage stress, which can negatively
impact your can't bladder health

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Prescription grade cat food without the prescription? Sign me up! Personally, if my own little fur dumpling had bladder stones, I’d feed him a combination of Hill’s Prescription Diet Urinary Care formula cat food paired with our “Top Pick” from Royal Canin.

According to customer reviews, this Hill's product is especially effective at breaking up stones within 1-2 weeks. If you find through your cat’s urinalysis that the stones are from struvite mineral deposits, choosing Hill’s is a no-brainer. Struvite bladder stones can be easily treated through diet.

The secret is in the food’s controlled levels of calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous. It’s important to keep levels of these minerals as low as possible without becoming deficient.

Hill’s also adds additional potassium and vitamin B6, which helps to interrupt the formation of new crystals.

The omega fatty acids in the fish oil they use help to soothe inflammation in the bladder that accompanies the restriction of urinary flow.

Stress is also known to exacerbate urinary issues in cats. That’s why Hill’s has added L-tryptophan to help manage stress.

All in all, this is a fantastic option for any bladder stone attack plan.

Check out Hill's Prescription Diet Urinary Care on Amazon

Feline Urinary SO Canned Cat Food by Royal Canin

Best cat food for bladder stones

- Increases urine volume levels of struvite
and calcium oxate

- Low levels of magnesium

- Helps manage pure struvite uroliths 

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Your cat isn’t likely to have a huge appetite while suffering from bladder stones. That’s why an extra appetizing cat food can go a long way in helping return kitty to baseline. Cats can’t get enough of Urinary SO. Canned food helps to break up the stones while keeping kitty hydrated.

By choosing to feed your cat a premium wet food like Royal Canin, your kitty will be blessed with an increased urinary output from the additional fluid she’s getting. Urinary SO, however, doesn’t stop here. It boosts urine output even further with the help of extra potassium and chloride.

Protein is a necessary part of a cat’s diet, but in a small percentage of bladder stone cases, the problem can be made worse by low-quality protein or too much protein in the diet. Urinary SO goes the extra distance here. They use an optimal amount of only the highest quality protein to ensure that everything is being done to heal kitty from the inside out.

As with all urinary formula cat food, Urinary SO contains very little magnesium, phosphorous, or calcium, which are the minerals from which most bladder stones form. Their recipe also helps to keep the urine slightly acidic, which is ideal for the prevention of stone formation. Get out of here stones!

I ran into several reviews from pet owners who feel that the food helped save their cat’s life. Bladder stones, especially in male cats, are nothing to be taken lightly. The risk of death is real, and the onset of life-threatening conditions is fast if their urethra becomes entirely blocked by the stones.

Check out Royal Canin Feline Urinary SO Morsels in Gravy on Amazon

Purina Pro Plan Urinary Tract Formula

Best cat food for bladder stones

- Helps reduce urinary pH

- Low magnesium content

- Cats love it

- Extremely effective

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Hey, I get it, not all of us can afford to go out and buy the most premium brand of cat food every time our cat gets sick. Luckily, Purina Pro Plan Wet Food offers similar benefits to Royal Canin Urinary SO, but at a lower price point.

Cats, even ones with poor appetite, gobble this stuff up. That’s fantastic because the moisture in this cat food will go a long way towards rehydrating kitty by helping him pee with more gusto.

This food's low magnesium content helps to break up and prevent the formation of struvite crystals that cause bladder stones. Purina doesn’t go out of their way to claim a low calcium content, but there's nothing in the ingredients that suggest it's particularly high in calcium either. This is ideal because approximately half of bladder stone cases form from calcium deposits.

One of the few drawbacks is that they don't use the same grade of premium protein that Royal Canin does. This isn’t to say that the quality is bad. They use real chicken and avoid the use of fillers. When it comes down to it, Purina Pro Plan Urinary Tract Formula is an effective way to reduce urinary pH and help prevent the return of bladder stones.

Check out Purina Pro Plan Focus Adult Urinary Tract Health Cat Food on Amazon

Purina One Dry Food Urinary Tract Formula

Best cat food for bladder stones

- Made with high-quality ingredients and 0%

- Moisture content of 10%

- Reasonably priced

- Helps reduce urinary pH

- Low magnesium content

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Purina One Urinary Tract Formula has the right ratio of vitamins and minerals to help break down bladder stones and slow or prevent their return.

With real chicken and low levels of magnesium, it's the most affordable option compared to its competitors.

Omega-6 fatty acids are added to control inflammation and support a healthy skin and coat.

Your cat will be feeling like a champion with a significantly reduced pH after dining on this urinary tract-approved cat food.

Check out Purina One Dry Food Urinary Tract Formula on Amazon

Wysong Uretic Feline Formula Dry Cat Food

Best cat food for bladder stones

- Contains naturally-sourced, urinary
important methionine

- "Creates robust vitality"

- Pleasing to even the most finicky eaters

- Extremely effect at resolving bladder

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Wysong sets themselves apart by offering your cat the freshest ingredients available. They boast using freshly dried meats, fruits, and vegetables to balance pH levels in the urine and provide well-rounded nutrition for your cat.

The small percentage of fruits and vegetables reflect the ratio that your cat would have access to in the wild. Wysong Uretic also contains only 0.9% phosphorous and 0.1% magnesium, which means it will help to reduce or eliminate the formation of struvite crystals (one of the most common types of bladder stones and the kind that is most treatable through diet).

No artificial flavors or preservatives here; just good wholesome eatin’.

Adding wet food into the mix helps to keep kitty hydrated, which increases urine output. The sooner your cat starts peeing like normal, the faster she’ll recover. Wysong also contains a healthy helping of prebiotics, probiotics, and enzymes to round out your cat’s overall nutrition.

Check out Wysong Uretic Feline Formula Dry Diet Cat Food

The ultimate tag team to contend with your cat’s bladder stones is none other than Urinary SO Canned Cat Food by Royal Canin combined with….(drum roll please)... Hill’s Prescription Diet Urinary Care!

This pair gives your cat all the benefits of high-quality protein with the added hydration that comes with wet cat food. Also, feeding your cat high-quality urinary tract formula dry food will make the diet more sustainable in the long run, both for your cat and for your wallet.

As a general rule, always feed your cat a diet that is low in magnesium, phosphorous and calcium, and only serve them high-grade protein.

Follow these simple rules by buying the right cat food, and kitty will be purring like a lion and peeing like a pro in no time.

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