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Can cats drink milk from the store

Can Cats Drink Milk From the Store?

Cats + Food

Are you wondering if cats can drink milk from the store? After all, we’re used to seeing images of kitties enjoying a saucer of milk. But most cats (though not all) are lactose intolerant, and drinking cow’s milk can give them can lead to diarrhea and digestive problems. Keep reading for the full scoop!

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Can dogs eat popcorn with butter

Can Dogs Eat Popcorn with Butter?

Dogs + Food

Sitting down on the sofa with a giant golden bowl of glittering kernels, your dog stares at it longingly. But can dogs eat popcorn with butter? The short answer is “no.” Keep reading and learn about all the dangers a few bites of this salty treat can lead to, from choking hazards to kidney problems.

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